he said it was a cyst

@hotsummer (10444)
June 29, 2012 9:58pm CST
my other friend who is a guy said the one protruding on the back of his hand which he thought was a bone that was dislocated was actually a cyst. he said he would have it removed. i asked him if it would hurt to have it removed. he said the doctor told him it would hurt a bit but he will be put to sleep. i don't know if that kind of operation should be considered a major operation that need to put someone to sleep. since it is located only on the back of his hand. it is not something located on the sensitive part of the body. maybe he will just be given anaesthesia or something. but anyway, i hope he won't be in a lot of pain after the operation. i am not sure yet when he would commit or confirmed the schedule of his operation. maybe he was still thinking about it when he would have it done.
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@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Aug 12
hi hotsummker I had a cyst on my back and they did n ot put me to sleep just anesthetized the area with the cyst then gave me a sedative and I did not feel any pain.I had little pain af ter the'surgery either. it was done as an outpatient thing and did not requrie hospitalization either
@hotsummer (10444)
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
Oh that is really great thing that you didn't feel any kind of pain. And so I would advise him to be under the knife soon. So that he would not have anything to worry anymore. Was your cyst something required immediate operation. Would it be indeed turn cancerous if left big itself
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
30 Aug 12
I am not sure as you have not mentioned the provisional diagnosis of the case. But it seems that it might be done under local anaesthesia.