Any website for finding out number of visitors to a blog.

July 2, 2012 9:43am CST
Can you name a website from where if I join as a member, can find out free of cost the number of visitors each day to my blog?
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• Malaysia
2 Jul 12
Hi. You can find plenty of websites on the net. If you are using blogger, it's easier because it has its own stats feature. I am using statcounter and feedjit, which I've been using eversince and happy with, but nowadays I seldom check on who my 'stalkers' are haha. Well, you can try to check on both sites, they are free of charge. Other site you might be interested in is histats. I went through their site and it's also free with quite a number of interesting features. Anyway, happy tracking.
• India
4 Jul 12
I must check both the sites.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
5 Jul 12
My blog is actually on blogspot and I have noticed that they recently made a change to the blogs to where you are able to see how many visitors that you do have on your blog. This is something that is interesting to see because of the fact that it is nice for me to know that there are actually people that do visit my blog. With that said, it really doesn't make a huge difference to me because of the fact that my blog is a personal blog and not something that is monetized.
@jaderamirez (1031)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
Try to use feedjit it will give you the live number of visitors in your blog. It is also very easy to install no more hassle and long registration.
@shylade (3137)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
I use feedjit on my blog and it even has counter showing from where your visitors are.