Hahaha Funny the server was sulking.

@meumeu25 (917)
United Arab Emirates
July 4, 2012 8:00am CST
I was about to get annoyed when my new discussion entry was lost. But then when the server error started entering words in a box, I forgot about my annoyance and wondered if I got a virus. But as I read the words the server was actually complaining and sulking about the error. Explaining it's defence. I was amused, who ever created that, you did a good job.
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@bhonti (1247)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
server of mylot do you mean? I was also experiecing the same yesterday. I could not access myylot, and even a while ago, I was having a hard time responding to messages.
@meumeu25 (917)
• United Arab Emirates
4 Jul 12
Yeah, I guess it was, because I wrote the discussion here but when I tried to post it I received and error, and then the words came out in a box. Stating it complaints about the error. I also experienced the same problems you had the other day and yesterday. In fact I wasn't able to log in the whole day last Monday. Did you read your notifications? It says there mylot was experiencing some issues. Mine is working fine now except for that one discussion that went missing.