If possilbe, do you wish time could return back to your childhood?

July 5, 2012 1:49am CST
Hello friends here, these days the weather is terribly hot in Ningbo, reach up to 38?, so I can not bear the hot weather if without air conditioning. Since recently years the weather getting warmer and warmer, I do wish if time could return back to my childhood,when I was a child,the weather was cooler than nowadays though that old days our family did not have got an air conditioning. Also at that days, no computer available at our home, but I really enjoy that old days.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
5 Jul 12
The changes that I've seen in the environment since I was a younger woman have nothing to do with the reasons that I wish that I was able to return to my childhood. I would like to go back to my childhood for a variety of reasons, first of all, things were a lot simplier when I was a child and I would like to have that experience again. In addition to that, when I was a child I thought that there was a lot that I had to look forward to and as an adult I really don't feel like I have as much to look forward to in my life.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
5 Jul 12
Well,of course i'd love to.Childhood is the most beautiful time for me,and i'm innocent and be freely.But now i should think about my future and many other things ahead.Anyway,if it is possible,i will definitely be the one who support it.lol.
@jizfir (93)
5 Jul 12
I would love too! My childhood has so many beautiful memories and experiences that money can't buy. Life before was simple and uncomplicated. And talking about weather and environment, obviously it is very different these days, global warming, unpredictable weather and pollution are already present. But what I miss so much on my childhood days that I want to turn back are my grand parents. How I wish they are still alive up to now. They made my childhood memories happy and blessed.
@shylade (3137)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
Yes, sometimes I wish I am just a child especially when I see how happy my little son being a child. You are right, things before are easier and it's not that hot unlike nowadays that we are experiencing drastic weather changes.
@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
Same here, if given the possibility, I like to return to my childhood. Kids seems to be stress-free and does not worry about many problems like I had today. Also, the style of living that time is simpler compared to nowadays.
@youless (94757)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Jul 12
Yes, I wish the time could go back itself so that I could fix some mistakes I made in the past. I would tell myself to study hard. Perhaps everything will be different now. I love China
@meumeu25 (917)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 12
Hi evergreen, Not everything in my childhood life was good for me, but if those experience that happened to me will be erased, I will really love to. I like the old days more, the life is simplier and your right the weather was quite nicer. There are not as much factories and pollutions in the air and surroundings as it is now.