I am not drinking this weekend, I am not drinking this weekend....

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July 6, 2012 8:27am CST
Ha ha, I went out and partied on the 4th of July - went on a mini bar crawl. In fact most weekends I visit a bar at least once it seems, and if I do not, it's somewhat of an anomaly. Sometimes it's just to have a beer or two, sometimes it is several. I meet up with friends and family and my buddies who work there and let loose, play some pool or cards, and just hang out for a few hours. It's fun! I partied too hard on the holiday and even though it was 2 days ago, I still feel somewhat hung over. So I decided this is going to be a sober weekend. Now I am just wondering what I can do besides drink. Ha ha, the life of a 21 year old! I was thinking maybe the casino (of course in the interest of saving money I should probably not). Or maybe go see "Ted" (THE MOVIE) in the theater. Either way, I do not want a DROP of beer or any other kind of liquor. It turns my stomach just thinking about it. I was thinking of maybe renting a canoe too. Just random thoughts. What are some sober ideas for me to do this weekend?
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6 Jul 12
lol... I know how you feel but when I say I am NOT going to drink I usually end up drinking. If you go the casino you "kind of" have to have a drink! lol It goes great with gambling. Ted is an awesome movie. We went to it yesterday and I laughed so hard. It was better then I expected it to be!
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