How many discussions you create in mylot or reply them in mylot everyday?

@HDHORDA4 (679)
July 11, 2012 8:12am CST
well i wanted to know the views of people about how many discussions they create or reply them daily? well according to me it depends on my mood or if i see some interesting discussion then i reply to it what about yours?
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@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Jul 12
Hdhaoda4 I used tocount like crazy and made little money but then I realized its quality posts mylot wants not quantity so i do just as much as I feel liked doing only l do it to the very best of my ability. quality is what always counts not slamming out a bunch of inane crappy posts that will mostly get deleted for breaking guideline rules.
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@gharinder (2044)
• India
11 Jul 12
well i respond to those discussions which are interesting and can relate too, how many discussions i respond to that depends upon the time i am able to spend on mylot. that varies from day to day, from monday i will be back to my workplace, so obviously will be able to spend quite less time on mylot. as far as starting a discussion is related ie is 1-4
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• Philippines
11 Jul 12
I used to respond to MyLot discussions before. But since I had been busy at work, I wasnt able to log on in this website. I just came back, and so far, I had been responding every night. However, I only respond to those I can relate to or are interesting. Have you encountered posts here with statements that are too long but after reading them, you do not get what they say because they're written poorly?
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@deliar (609)
• Indonesia
12 Jul 12
i never count it. i will replay as many that i can do. sometime i can replay many discussion, . i will create a discussion when i have a good topic and i need some experience from someone. so it is unpredictable for me..