Office Space

July 13, 2012 3:43pm CST
I originally saw this movie years and years ago, both when it first came out in the 90s, and then again in the 00s, and I just had to see it again, now. The big reason why I had to see it, is because... I don't get it. What is so funny about this movie? It has a few fun scenes, like when they smash the photocopier, or seeing someone make their own choice to stay home from work when they hate what they do... but where's the magic in it? It has a couple laughs through the movie, but it's one of the least funny comedies I know... and characters like the guy who was fired years ago that loves his stapler... that character got so famous, but I just don't see what did it. One interesting thing about it, though, is how it's spawned so many other pieces. The Office goes along the lines of this movie, both the UK and US versions. Trailer Park Boys takes after the character who loves his stapler... there are so many pieces that have been done and redone... But I don't see it... it's not that interesting of a movie, and I like what it spawned, better then it. So, can you tell me, what is it that made this movie so great? What did you love about it?
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@akash009 (453)
• India
14 Jul 12
hello, Just like you my friend I also dont seem to know what make this movie so popular among its fans. I mean the movie is funny but we have many comedy movies which are far far better than it. This movie is nothing compared to others. All the actors are okay type. They have acted well but I think they should have been more natural and real. I really feel a bit disappointed from few scenes. Well just like you said, few scenes were really good and funny. But apart from that, nothing is there in this movie to watch.
• United States
14 Jul 12
Oh sure there are far more funnier movies. But it was worth watching. I guess I judge a movie, especially a comedy if I can get through the entire thing. I got through this and laughed quite a bit. I also identified with Jennifer's character as I've had similar jobs that wanted me to be completely fake. I especially hated saying my name. I don't give a rats you know what- what my server or cashier or whatever's name is, just give me my stuff, ha ha.
• United States
13 Jul 12
Well I guess I liked it it's because its so close to reality and believable, well besides the end where he sets the building on fire. Maybe people don't get it because it's not fast moving. But that's the reality part. If it were filled with laughs a minute it would be less believable. Kind of on the order of scrubs. The guy with the stapler was pure genius and so well done. It was hysterical. I've worked in a few offices on temporary summer jobs and they couldn't be more right on with this movie. It represents all the phony people and ludicrous things that go on in offices. I just wish there would be more uprisings like that in real offices ha ha.