now do i need to choose?

July 16, 2012 8:07am CST
i have been racking my brain off for a long time now. it's too had to be a writer and a photographer at the same time. both demands dedication to each craft. i love to photograph for about 17 years now i just can't have enough of it. and i just started to get serious about it. artistically it defines me as what i am . my emotion can be seen through all my works. it translate all my affections and emotions to my photographs. ever since high school i was hoping that i can be part of the school paper. i can't help it when letters forms into words in to my head. and i end up awake in the middle of the night trying to bury words and shut it but i can't. it's just that i can't seem to focus things because i suddenly found myself in another world and things just form. i started writing poems to express those world that i can't seem to let out. then after years i finally have that strength to write a story. thanks to wattpad i had a chance to share it to other people. i have fun doing it. i now have time to sleep after hours of writing because i can write the world that i see in my head. both photography and writing has a special place in my heart but lately i just found out that it's hard to do it together. it takes most of my time. it just that i need to do photography during the day and writing most all night long. so it's like i can't be awake during the day because i am writing that night and even dawn. and i can't write if i am doing photography that morning because i am too tiered to have an inspiration. i get blank, block or what ever they call it. now i am in dilemma... do i need to sacrifice one to the other, or keep both...
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• United States
16 Jul 12
If you want to do both, then do both. You may have to make sacrifices in other areas or concentrate on one for a time and then alternate to the other, but it's still possible to pursue both. If you have having more success with one, then I suggest you pursue that one in full force and put the other one on the back burner for awhile. Maybe what you need is more knowledge about time management skills, and to find something in your schedule that is possible to remove in order to pursue what you consider to be your passions.
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
i am joggling both at a time. i don't have anything but both. i quite my old job to have both. well honestly i have more time now than before though i have only one job. but the thing is the time difference of the things that i love. it's day and night. photography during day time and writing during the night. i am having trouble writing during the day, mostly my inspiration kicks during midnight. so i am very worn out during the day most of the time. there was one incident that i was awake more than 24 hours and we hick three hills for more that an hour with an elevation of 80 degrees for a landscape and macro shoot. well i am used to walking trails but it's really dangerous to keep things like that. you never know the dangers.
16 Jul 12
for me youre amazing, you have got talent.,,wish i could do what you have been doing... youre gifted you are using your talent through writing in a good way that others may seem to read and appreciate. i know that wattpad, i used to read some story there. if i were you, i will keep 'em both... you can do photography on the other day lets say monday tuesday till wednsday. dont do it together on the same day, so you wont get blank or so. i hope it helps.