remembering old disappointments

@hotsummer (10449)
July 17, 2012 12:14pm CST
i have good day. but tonight it is actually 1 am now here. i just remember some of the disappointments. i know i should not think about them. but somehow i just get to remember it. since i am not busy and just my thoughts are open and i was just lying down for a rest. so i have decided to just get back here so i won't think much. and so i just share it here. it just feel so disappointing when some simple things in life can be the most difficult to achieve.
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@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
17 Jul 12
I think your problem is you're tired. I'm one of those people who can be a real Mr. Jeckel and Mr. hyde. It all just depends on whether I've slept enough or whether I'm tired. When I'm tired, from not getting enough sleep usually, I get so depressed I don't believe life is worth it, or that anything I do or work for has any value whatsoever; I might as well just wish to die in some kind of quick accident or something. But then, I go to bed one night at 9pm, sleep enough hours, and when I wake up, I'm like "pffffffff, who was that sorry loser stuck in a depression? Life is beautiful actually". Yep, two different persons. And yes, when I'm depressed I only think about all the disappointments too. I can strongly suggest to you that you go sleep, and things will automatically just appear much less depressing when you're rested.
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@siekcai (50)
• Indonesia
17 Jul 12
Everyone always can not forget their the difficult time in the past. I always try to remembered all of the time, so i will not make same mistake what i have done in the past. Great people is a people who never forget about their history, so they will not make same mistake again.
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• India
19 Jul 12
Every ones mind had turned into a competitive mind. So the people are fixing race in each of the things in their life, it doesn't matter the things are difficult or easy one. The one who puts his best efforts will only win them. So it is the time to move all the disappointments from your mind and go for the best. All the very best
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Jul 12
hihotsummer old disappointments yes 3 yrs ago my son lost his job we were evicted and made homeless. I had to come here verus live in homeless shelters. lest any mean hearted my lotter think its free for me 85 yr old to live in this retirement center they are takes almost all of my Social Security And ssi checks to pay the rent and board each month and it is 1000 a month for two to a room, I hate to think what those who can afford private rooms pay. i have the whole sum of 128 dollars for private needs for a mo nth big money ah what?when i first came here my son said it would just be for a short while but the economyj ust got worse, he did not get another job til a y ear I have no idea if we will ever be able to afford a 2 bedroom apt yes I was and disappointed but make myself happy as being sad makes one ill and solves nothing. happiness keeps me healthy and mylot helps make me ha ppy. lol