How should I clean his toys, and bed?

@911Ricki (13602)
July 19, 2012 6:38am CST
Marco has a little bed, its a white fluffy cotton type fabric, also his stuff toys. They are all covered with wood shavings, hay, hair and one he peed on (dont ask me why). I dont want to just throw them in the washer as I dont think it will basically peel this all off, or the washer will get dirty. I was thinking of sitting here picking every shaving piece and hay off to the best, then wash them in the washer. I try to wash them, every so often, but he just got these the other day and I wasnt aware they attracted so much stff to them.
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@Muelitz (1592)
• Canada
19 Jul 12
When you say bed, I am assuming that only the bed cover is dirty. I would shake the bed cover (outside the house) to remove some of the dirt that is loose before shoving it in the washing machine. Use a lint cloth. Do not be so worried about your washing machine getting dirty. It was designed to accept dirty clothes and clean them. We even wash the dirty rugs and mats in there. With regards to the stuff toys I would think twice in tossing it in the washer as they might get damaged. If there is hay and hair only, I believe it can be removed by using a lint remover (the roller type). However, if it smells because of pee or it has stains that can be removed by washing, try hand washing it. I hope this helps.