New Wave churches tweaking religion possibly subverting it?

July 19, 2012 4:45pm CST
When I was a kid, my family and I used to travel to visit my grandparents and others in towns somewhat distant from our house. I frequently saw little white signs posted on trees that said "God Saves". Back then we ended all prayers with "In God we pray" or "in Gods name we pray." People also tried to live thier lives in a way that God would find to his liking. Skip forward to today. Our signs say "Jesus Saves", We finish prayers with "In Jesus name we Pray" and one of the new songs says "You can trust Jesus" Like Kahail Gibrhan [sp] said if the devil was to come to earth and spread his ways would he change the word of God in large bites or small bites. Small bites of course. Also if he was to hide the most logical place is in the pulpit. People follow what the preacher says even if its wrong. WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ON THIS?
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@ranger07 (555)
20 Jul 12
I am not sure. I just know that things sure have changed today.
21 Jul 12
It is changing away from main stream
23 Jul 12
The devil is taking over religon. Especially the contemporary services.
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
20 Jul 12
Hi ncblksmth1, Welcome to myLot!I hope that you will enjoy your time here and make lots of friends and some money. This is a good site that will pay you for starting discussions and for commenting on discussions that others start and the is also the tasks if you are interested. As for your discussion here I see some changes but would like to see more. Christianity needs to be lived not just preached. Blessings.