July 20, 2012 3:48am CST
Can I post poems on Mylot or is it limited to articles alone? If I'm allowed should I include a description or just as it is?
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@owlwings (38507)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jul 12
MyLot is NOT a place to showcase your literary talents - there are plenty of other places for that - it is a place for good quality discussions. Usually a poem by itself does not constitute a discussion and will very often be deleted. There is plenty of scope for discussing poetry in general and getting opinions, techniques, tips and even criticism (though you should expect people to be honest). Do NOT post copyright material: you should post links to anything which is not yours.
• Philippines
21 Jul 12
Oh, of course I wouldn't post poems that I just found on the internet. I didn't want to showcase my talent or anything. It's just that sometimes I do express my opinions and questions in poems and I thought some of my fellow myLotters have the same sentiment. However, now I do know :) Thanks for the heads up owlwings :)