Shooting at The Dark Knight Rises

United States
July 21, 2012 8:22am CST
No one expects to go see a movie, only to be injured or killed. One person who went was a married bartender who wanted to celebrate his birthday watching the midnight showing. The youngest victim was 3 months old. The guy calls himself The Joker. He rigged his apartment with incendiary devices. There were people evacuated because of that. This guy needs help or some kind of medicine. He planned this. He walked in with a bullet proof vest and leggings, a gas mask and something else. Even though he had a ticket to the premiere, that should have sent warning signs. Anyone can plan evil things. What was his attitude, his actions leading up to the premiere? Where did he buy the guns and rifle he used? How did he get them into the theatre? Movie theaters search people's bags for video recorders so they don't record movies and burn them on dvd and sell pirated copies. Now, they need metal detectors and undercover cops to watch for certain signs and to search everyone who comes to see movies just because someone planned to murder innocent people who never did anything to him. Crime really can happen any where! No one ever thinks of getting killed or hurt going to see your favorite movies.
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@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
21 Jul 12
good day desertrose16, we can really never tell what will happen during the day. though we have our plans but most of the time different situations do arise. like the one that you have posted. due to a movie being shown, an incident like this was happened. and it was quite surprising where that man got his weapons. sounds ridiculous.
• United States
21 Jul 12
This happened at the midnight premiere.
@shello (964)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Jul 12
They should have not allowed him entered the theatre upon seeing that he's wearing those sort of things or maybe they could have checked his bag first. Well, we can never really say who is to blame. We all know that the world is so liberated now, we cannot really judge people by the way he look but at least all safety measures and precautions should be implemented in all facilities and establishments that are being used by the public.
@sid556 (31003)
• United States
22 Jul 12
They probably did not even notice what he was wearing. His weapons from all I've read were stored outside by the emergency exit. My local news got the initial report wrong and said that he entered through the emergency exit but then again the local news here is pretty regularly wrong. He had it pretty well planned out so it would not be surprising if he wasn't real obvious in his attire. I've seen cops in bullet proof vests and if worn under a jacket or a looser shirt, they don't stand out unless you really are looking. It would take an alert clerk to notice in the very brief time that he is standing there paying for his ticket. I don't think we should judge the people that let him in without more information.
@Mashnn (4503)
22 Jul 12
I just do not know why people result to doing such crime. I think the guy was not in his real self. Infact, after the killing spree, he did not hide or kill himself as most killers do. No guilt at all. Something must have been terribly wrong with this guy.
@suzzy3 (8357)
21 Jul 12
R.I.P To all those poor people that lost their lives at the pictures.All my best wishes to those injured and to all the relatives hurt by all this.