Looking for new sites to post my writing and get paid

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July 24, 2012 1:06pm CST
I've done freelance writing for over a decade. Right now, I'm not taking many new orders for clients as I'm working on other things and building my online business. However, I would like to find more websites where I can get paid for the odd article I want to write. I'm looking for places that publish original or allow me to re-publish my existing content. I would really like to get some upfront payment but can live with performance payments or revenue shares as long as they are sites where I can re-publish. I won't write original work without an immediate profit. I already know of Constant-Content, YahooVoices, Republish, Experts Column and Wikinut. Do you know of others? If any have a referral program and you're the first to add it to the list, feel free to private message me and I'll use your link.
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7 Aug 12
There are dozens and dozens of them... it depends on your preferred style (direct, rev share, marketplace, etc.), how little you're willing to accept and whether you're willing to bid on jobs. I can't put a URL here, of course, since it's self-promotion but I maintain "master lists" of the various types on my forum, along with commentary from other folks who've used some of them.
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10 Aug 12
Spike, I'm on your forum and just read your book. Too bad about the self-promotion rule because a lot of people here could benefit from reading your site. I hope you have it on your profile.
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25 Jul 12
Examiner.com is a decent site, especially if you have a hot topic. They pay per page view. I'm not sure the exact amount but somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.50 per hundred page views. I will inbox you my referral link.
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25 Jul 12
I appreciate the thought but I am pretty sure I signed up for that one a while ago and then forgot about it when I stopped writing for sites. If I don't already have an account, I will use your link to sign up.
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24 Jul 12
Helium is a good one and if you're into this regularly I'd like to be a friend and learn more as I am trying to write and earn money too.
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24 Jul 12
Oh, yeah, I forgot about Helium. I did post some articles there way back. I'll have to check and see if my account is still there, since it's been inactive for so long. One thing I didn't like there was having to write to their titles - is it still like that?
• Portugal
22 Mar 13
Yes,And Hellium,Triond,Pay Per Post...But Is There Much More Online!!!
@Ixodoi (445)
• Israel
15 Aug 12
Well there are several good publishing site I can think of: Squidoo for start. publish.us allows you to re-post (but only pays 0.4 of 1K views) There is good old Triond Redgage - you can post link or re-post articles. Gather (if you are an American) and this is just what currently pop into my mind. If you want more names, I'll go search for them.