hopefully, today will be a better day!

@911Ricki (13602)
July 25, 2012 8:05am CST
Last night at work anything that could go wrong did. It takes hours to individually count 12 worms to put in the individual cups. I had counted enough for 4 cases and took about 4 hours. Well stupid me places them on the wheelbarrel and it tipped all over the ground. I ended up havingto redo them all, and clean up the mess.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
27 Jul 12
Oh no, I can't begin to imagine how frustrated that you were that you had to do all of the work again because of an accident that happened at work. When I worked at the hospital, it seemed like the really bad things that were going to happen always seemed to happen at the end of my shift. This meant that though I was supposed to get off of work, I would have to stay to get everything cleaned up and there were times that it would take hours to get home after my shift was supposed to have ended. What made this even worse was that there were times that our supervisor would yell at us for not clocking out when our shift ended. There was no way that I was going to work for nothing.
@winterose (39917)
• Canada
26 Jul 12
that really sucks, I would be so depressed over that
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
26 Jul 12
Even if it just a worm it must be tiring since this little thing are not easy to handle. Having to redo them and clean up the mess, don't give up. Hope you will have better day today.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
25 Jul 12
Not a fun night for you. Things like that happen though and just think it could have been worse. When something like that goes wrong I have to take a second of just quiet and breathe then I am pretty much okay to go back to what I was doing.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
25 Jul 12
What kind of job is it? I would be so ticked at myself for tipping over the wheelbarrow too and having to redo them. Things happen that way sometimes, though, but don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sure today will be better for you. We all have days like that. Did it take you all four hours to redo them all?
@GemmaR (8526)
25 Jul 12
It's horrible when we have a bad day and it feels as though nothing is going to go right again. I have had a lot of days like that in the past, and it can feel as though you're never going to have another good day. But the bad day will pass before you know it, and you will be back to the way that you have been again, so you don't have to worry. Just keep your chin up and make sure that you don't let yourself be beaten by circumstances that you couldn't control, and remember that everything is going to be better for you at some point.