What If Everyone Over 20 Had a Gun?

@ladym33 (11008)
United States
July 26, 2012 12:04pm CST
We were talking to a bunch of people yesterday and of course the topic of the Aurora shootings came up. This discussion turned in to another discussion about if more people had guns there would less crime. The thought being is that violent criminals and robbers would be less likely to attack people or rob businesses if they knew their victims had guns as well and could use that gun in self defense if they were robbed or attacked. There does actually seem to be less crime in states that allow people to carry concealed weapons. In states that do not the crime rate is higher. Basically in states where you are not allowed to carry concealed weapons it seems the criminals are the only ones with weapons. What do you think about this?
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@flamez3r0 (319)
• Puerto Rico
26 Jul 12
Hello :D. Well, certainly a balance of power leads to stability, which in turn becomes respect. I would think its the same as if no one had weapons that gave them an advantage over others, but that is impossible in this age. But I would add that everyone having weapons isn't enough, but also teaching everyone how to use them efficiently would greatly benefit the relations between people. I don't know about crime rates or why they change, but its natural to think that if everyone knows how to defend themselves, people would be less inclined to abuse them :p.
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