Hi everyone

Puerto Rico
July 26, 2012 12:57pm CST
I just wanted to say how much I love to travel on airplanes or cruises and be on adventures. Sincerely I've only traveled 3 times on airplane in my life and one on cruise. But the fantasy of traveling and seeing the world is just enriching. What do you guys think? Where have you traveled? On cruise or airplane? How many times in your life have you traveled? What places have you seen? What adventure happened to you? I'm dying to know what a few of you have done. Comments welcome
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@sishy7 (27606)
• Australia
30 Jul 12
I have traveled by airplane multiple times as I moved around from one side of the world to the other. But I have only been on one cruise from California to Mexico. I agree with you that travelling to different parts of the world is enriching. I have learned a lot from living in several different cultures and unfamiliar places. By the way, welcome to myLot. I hope you will enjoy your stay here too. This site is great to interact with people from around the world through the internet.
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
30 Jul 12
I live in Europe and I have visited many of the other European countries. I have travelled by train, by bus, by ferry and by plane. In 2005 I went to Sweden by plane and I caught a ferry from Sweden to Finland. I explored Helsinki and then I sailed back to Sweden. In 2009 I went to Latvia and Lithuania. I went by train from Denmark to Germany and by bus from Germany to Lithuania. I enjoyed visiting both Latvia and Lithuania. In 2010 I travelled aroud in Europe for one month and I visited Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. It was also a very interesting trip and I had the chance to visit a lot of interesting and beautiful places in those countries. My next trip will be a trip to Thailand, Cambodina, Laos and Vietnam in November and December this year. I am very excited about that, because it will be my first trip to Asia. Which places have you visited by plane? And where did you go on a cruise?