Accidentally On Pourpose, or The "OOPS" Pregnancy

United States
July 26, 2012 2:19pm CST
Some women surprise me. The other day I was on a baby forum and I was reading about how many women have gotten pregnant by "accident". Some women claimed it was to have a child and to keep their significant other. Do you think it's fair that women like this get pregnant and make it look like it was an accidental thing? Imagine how the husband/boyfriend feels about this. I was shocked by all the confessions, and the sad part was, many didn't even care that their husband/boyfriend left them. Tell me ladies, and even gents, is this right? Would you feel guilty about it, or would you just let it be? In my opinion, getting pregnant "accidentally" on pourpose is not only decietful, but it's wrong. All this just to have kids.
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
26 Jul 12
Well, of course its impossible to get pregnant by accident. A rape is the only way a woman could get pregnant without being part and parcel of it. There is no way a woman could get pregnant to spite her husband, unless she sabotaged her own birth-control method. Some how I don't feel sorry for those women who use pregnancy as a pawn in their marriage.
• United States
27 Jul 12
Sadly it does happen and people do do this. I've read about it and have personally known people who did such a thing. It is very wrong and not right. Believe it or not some women are that decietful that they do things like this to trap a man or for their own benifit. Sad but true.
@suzzy3 (8357)
26 Jul 12
That is just so wrong on so many levels.That poor man what is he supposed to do if he is not ready for a baby.How is the baby going to feel that one parent did not really want them,babies are quiet aware.Then if the man clears off there is another child brought up poor.every child deserves a descent chance in life,maybe not be rich but at least two parents to love them at least.They have stopped young girls getting social housing in England.Some girls would get pregnant just to get a flat and income support.These woman and girls must consider the child more it is not a means to an end.It is a human being with feelings.A bit of a soap box for me.
• United States
26 Jul 12
It is very wrong. My sister-in-law did this, but in her case she was lucky her husband came back to her. They already had 3 kids, and the 4th just added more problems. Now I'm not saying kids are problems, I love kids and I hope to have a child some day, but when the mother just goes and does this for extra help or to keep a guy or to just have free things it's not right. Thank you for answering my discussion.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
20 Aug 12
A lady should not be trying to get pregnant and keep secret she has stopped taking her birth control pills. It is wrong to get pregnant on purpose to try to keep a man that is thinking of splitting up. The lady and the man should be sure they are trying to conceive. Then the baby is wanted by both her and him. Birth control has many failures and so it could be very easy in a serious relationship to get pregnant. I would not choose to do that sort of thing.
• United States
31 Jul 12
I think having an "accidentally, on purpose" baby is okay, if its for the right reasons. For instance, if both of you want kids, but he thinks you shouldn't for a while, but wouldn't mind if you did. It's wrong when it's to keep a boyfriend or husband because you're having their baby. It's not right to trick people like that.
@debbygirl (214)
• Philippines
27 Jul 12
I think if a lady becomes pregnant by her husband, i think there's nothing wrong with that. But if it's by a boyfriend, it was wrong specially if the guy never took the responsibility of being a father to his child. I think the best time to get pregnant is when the couple are already married, ready for responsibilities and is willing to have a family.