Default on utility bill, one guy got foreclosed his house

United States
July 27, 2012 11:23pm CST
Anything is possible, and something just new happen every single day. A guy defaulted on one of his utility bill, the sewage bill for $140 four years ago. After 4 years, a realtor group company bought this government debt, and come after this guy who didn't pay the utility bill, from $140 to $50,000. The realtor group company issue a warrant to foreclosed his house. I just couldn't believe how they add up that much. It must have interest rate accrued it daily, plus late fee, and other junk fee to it. The final settlement, after this guy hired an attorney to negotiate such unreasonable bill, $32,400. But still, that just too much to pay for a $140 4 years ago. I think within some state, there is a limit some default unpaid utility can gone up to. What do you think?
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@KrauseHome (35522)
• United States
25 Aug 12
Wow!! Personally this sounds a little unreal and Fishy to me. Especially if the guy is no longer living in the house, and even if he is, would he have not paid this, and other bills? Too me something does not sound right, and sounds like this man needs to take matters into his own hands. There is no way interest in 4 yrs. could ever add up to this. Sounds like an Error on someone's side for sure.
@1corner (744)
• Canada
28 Jul 12
Sounds fishy to me. Even with compounding interest, it shouldn't amount to that much. (Reminds me of an old phone bill I had). Wht options did he have though? Can he pay it, then sue in court?
@glasser3 (354)
• Hibbing, Minnesota
28 Jul 12
I have heard similar stories to this before, I however have a hard time believing it due to federal laws. That interest rate would have to be like One Thousand percent in order for this to add up over a four year period. Makes me wonder when I hear things like that what else was the guy behind on. Or was it four years of complete neglect of the bill, as in not paying any of his sewage bills for four years? I just feel there must be more to the story, otherwise I'd continue to fight if I were this gentlemen that is utterly unacceptable and illegal in my opinion.