who is your bet for the gold medal this olympics2012?

@karyl15 (251)
August 1, 2012 12:01am CST
do you think that team usa can get hold of the gold medal this olumpics 2012? as of the team usa yhey already have 2wins and 0 loses. but for me my opinion is that team usa can have this gold medal this olympics. how about you?what team is your bet?because my bet is with the team usa. happy mylotting.
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• Philippines
6 Aug 12
Without a doubt, team USA will get the gold. Their roster is so talented and no other country gets near it. They just have to play smart basketball and teamwork, then each game will be easy for them.
@koopharper (6895)
• Canada
3 Aug 12
For the US team not to win the gold they will have to get complacent and the wrong time and who ever their opponent is will have to play hot. I has happened before. Underdog teams have pulled off amazing upsets. I don't think it will happen though. I think the American team will go home with the gold. Spain should take the silver but I think Russia and Argentina might have something to say about that before all is said and done.
@paulli3 (312)
• China
1 Aug 12
i think the Dream team will win the gold madal in olympic 2012. they are unbelieveble. the dream team has too many good basketball player maybe they are the best basketball players in the world they have kobe,james,durant and others. they have talent and they often beat other teams easily. they are all NBA stars and they worked very hard for olympic games other teams don't have a way to beat them when they face usa. so i think the dream team will win the gold madal