A walk to remember! LOVE ITT!!

@Shazooo (296)
August 1, 2012 2:18am CST
I have just watched a walk to remember recently starring mandy moore and I have absolutely fell in love with it . I've even gone out to the bookstore to get the novel written by Nicholas Sparks after i watch the movie. I seriously bawled my eyes out for this movie and Im not the kind of person that cries over a movie! Its incredible to see how strong Landon love Jamie and I, I'm sure like many millions of other girls, wish to meet a guy like Landon! What are your thoughts?
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@riyauro (6428)
• India
1 Aug 12
I have not seen this one and neither have I read this book. I think i must check on them . thanks for sharing.
@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
1 Aug 12
This is definitely one movie you should not miss out!
@shreed_14 (460)
• India
8 Oct 12
Hi there. Thanks for starting the discussion. I, too, loved the movie. Towards the time they get married I was busy praying silently she lives. It was really sad. I cried like hell. But it was really nice to see how her love changed Landon and turned him into a totally different person. A sensitive, caring and well-behaved person. I also agree that the Landon towards the end of the movie is every girl's dream boy.
@elivna04 (51)
• Philippines
16 Aug 12
I could read and watch A Walk To Remember over and over again and fall in love with them over and over again! Love can truly make miracles happen! :)
• Indonesia
6 Aug 12
I remember this movie,, but never finish it. There always something came and made me leave while the movie still in the middle. May be i will watch this movie oneday, till finish
@chum24 (569)
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
yeah it is a very nice movie.i really love the guy he is great actor and also many moore i think i watched four times..hahaha.
1 Aug 12
I love this movie too....This is the movie that introduced me to Mandy Moore, and i love how she looked so plain and innocent here...Anyway, I was still young when i first watched this movie...since then, this movie became one of my favorite movies. This movie has magic in it that it will make you fall in love, make you sad, make you cry and will definitely teach you a lesson about life. As I watched, i fell in love as Landon and jamie fell in love with each other. In this movie, you could say that love could really change a person. It's amazing how a kind of Landon fell in love to Jamie. The ending is superb, it's like a cliffhanger...Oh my response is too long...
@Ixodoi (445)
• Israel
1 Aug 12
Yes, it is a great novel & movie. First time I saw it I actually cried (something I barely ever do in real life, not to mention movies..) A few years ago I bought a dvd copy to it & gave it as a gift to my sister, since I know how much she like those kind of movies. She really liked it & thanking me ever since.