Can i cancel my sss penalty loan condonation

August 3, 2012 10:51pm CST
I just started to pay my salary loan this year and it was taken out last 2010 with just 1 month payment and stop afterwards due to no funds available not until now, i saw this SSS penalty loan condonation program and immediately apply for it online and was approved though i cant see the approved amount in my sss online account. Now since i just jump and grabbed the opportunity i wasn't able to read further details about the term and condition of the program and that i need to wait 3 years after i paid off my loan before i can re-apply for new loan, i was surprised coz without the condonation i can even paid the loan off within 1 year even if with penalty and interest since i also need to apply for new loan after i completed it for a year as what i planned, but it was already too late since it was already been approved. Now my question is, can i still cancel the condonation and just pay the entire amount plus whatever additional interest nor penalty so at least i can renew my loan after a year and how do i cancel it.