laptop specs

August 4, 2012 2:38am CST
I just want to know what is the Ghz in laptop specification? Is it the speed in performance? How can you notice that in a laptop?
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@bloodmask (590)
• India
4 Aug 12
Its how much it can process instructions per second. Each thing you are using is your computer is a set of instructions and higher your processing speed the faster will be your speed of access and performance of application. Larger RAM size will not affect much if it cannot use fully, such for example if you install a 32 bit Operating System with 8GB of RAM then your computer could only utilize upto 4GB of RAM and not 8GB of RAM. However your RAM has also a frequecy speed that how fast it can deliver instructions to CPU and how fast it can fetch in instructions from your Hard Disk. Its usually measured in MHz. Now don't confuse, there is a DMA in between which will balance out the speed between your hard disk and RAM, as your Hard Disk is much slower than your other two components. Your harddisk speed is governed how much data it can write and read, and faster the disk revolves the faster is reads and write. That is determined by a wafer sliver chip that is used to handle such task. So GHz is just with your CPU is the speed that your system offer for processing instructions and it all depends on how much good performing the other two parts or your CPU will remain ideal most of time.
@owlwings (39614)
• Cambridge, England
4 Aug 12
GigaHertz in this context refers to the clock speed and indicates how fast a processor can process instructions and data: The faster the clock speed, the faster the processor will process instructions and the quicker the machine will appear to perform. There are several other factors which will affect performance as well, especially the size of RAM and the access time of the hard disk.