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August 4, 2012 3:59pm CST
I am currently on day 3 of champix tablets to give up smoking. I have already noticed i am enjoying smoking less and less and if i smoke a lot i start to feel sick. I Used to smoke up to 25 a day, though more usually 15-20 a day. Yesterday i had 10 today I have smoked less than that even. My partner used the tbalets 6 months ago and on the 5th day she gave up. We have both tried the patches before, and both failed on them as we both had terrible skin problems, my partner got blisters and i got peeling skin. Anyway, i was wondering what things did you do, or are you doing to help you give up smoking? I heard some people say things like knitting, crochet, sewing and thingss like that can help take your mind off wnating to smoke. The tablets help a lot by reducing your cravings, my partner and some other family members have all done birlliantly on the tablets. I am finding that slwoly my cravings for the cigarettes are getting less and less. this is a good thing! I cant wait to quit now. Is there anything anyone can really recommend that helped you get through it? My partner said she found it incredibly easy to give up on the tablet,s that she used next to no willpower at all, it all just seemed to happen by itself, yet other people said even on the tablets they struggle
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5 Aug 12
The tbalets are fantastic, i have given up on them. It does make you start to feel sick if you smoke, and in the end you dont WANT to smoke as you associate it with feeling ill. Now i wished they did a tablet like this for when you eat cakes or ice creams lol. Congratulations on taking the first steps, i am sure you can do it and then you feel much better for having acheieved it. Why not put the money you save into something else you can enjoy??
7 Aug 12
now wouldnt that be something, a tablet that out you off eating cakes and ice creams etc lol Thanks, i am doing well, smoking less and less each day, nad i KNOW i will give up soon and i will stick with it thanks
@laydee (12813)
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5 Aug 12
First and foremost, congratulations on the 'will' to give up! Keep it up and I think you already know that there's far more things which are advantageous by quitting smoking. I am not a smoker but a lot of my relatives are and they have swore they'd rather cut off their limbs than to quit smoking because it's difficult. Back then, there were no tablets like those you're taking and perhaps that's better now because it proves it does help. But one friend of mine did stop smoking by will power. He said it took a lot out of him and he was cranky and stuff because of the craving and the body needed some nicotine and felt 'deprived'. He did succeed to quit smoking but sadly he went back to the habit after 2years. Perhaps you could keep your mind busy and if the craving's that much then go for it but don't go back to the habit of smoking 15-20.. Just have one. Have a great Mylot experience ahead!
5 Aug 12
aw thank you for such a lovely reply. I am still taking the tablets, and still smoking less each day. I am actually looking forward to giving up now. if for nothing else my partner will stop moaning i smell lol, she gave up smoking 6 months ago on these tablets, and hasnt gone back to it yet says she never will and i believe her. SHe has been in situations where others have been smoking and she isnt tempted to ahve one. I know with her suport and the support of my doctors clinic i can give up