There is no irrelevant responses for mylotters who chat in boxes

@jaiho2009 (36793)
August 6, 2012 9:52am CST
For those who request chat box feature in mylot for private chatting you can use the private message. I enjoy the chat through forum-topic-discussion. It is fun exchanging responses on boxes in our topic or other mylotters topic. and mind you's not irrelevant Anyone who find it irrelevant means he/she is not enjoying the chat in public he/she is having difficulty socializing with other mylotters This is a forum site and not a dating site for private chatting. Anyway, maybe some responses looks/sounds irrelevant with the topic but then again I want to say... that is the way mylotters enjoy the site and keep the topic kicking to the top If anyone doesn't like it, or don't understand the fun well, you lost the chance of earning while having fun. Have a great day everyone Mylotters-Philippines take extra care (heavy rains for many days) jaiho®- mylotting while keeping an eye on updates with the heavy rains (`_`) 8-06-2012 10:53pm Monday PT