did you hear some blackberry bad news?

August 10, 2012 5:29pm CST
today I was on the university and my classmates told me that they read an article on the internet that says that blackberry company will dissapear on 2013! and they want to sell their phones to avoid future problems if the new about it becomes true. I have checked the notice on some pages, for example, in a CNN-mexico article, and they say something about it! do you know anything about it?
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
10 Aug 12
perhaps you are referring about this link-- IBM wants to buy blackberry server unit. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/mediatechnologyandtelecoms/telecoms/9468187/IBM-considers-buying-RIMs-BlackBerry-server-unit.html this is what i came across on search after reading your discussion. good day.
10 Aug 12
maybe this was the article what my friend were talking about!
@alilin28 (1530)
• Uruguay
19 Dec 12
blackberry is very known in my country, a lot of people use them. Im not sure about a close. sometimes bussiness use it this kind of news to play with people. I dont know, just a opinion
@fencer07 (98)
16 Sep 12
If the BlackBerry company is in trouble or if another company wants to buy them, I would not be surprised. I have considered myself a loyal-BlackBerry user for over five years. But within the last year, I have noticed a huge decline in the number of my friends who also use the BlackBerry. Therefore, BlackBerry-specific programs like BlackBerry Messenger have become useless to me, even though they had attracted me to select the brand for the first time years ago. Also, I have been very disappointed when I see that apps are made only for android/iphone/ipad and not BlackBerry. You would not believe how common this is. It is at the point, that I am considering getting another phone, because I do not feel that the BlackBerry is as good of a piece of equipment as it used to be compared to other smart phones on the market and also there are no longer advantages unique to owning the BlackBerry.
• India
29 Aug 12
Smart phones are quite common now a days, lot of people are using black berry and android devices to make their work easy and efficient. Lot of rumors also going on about black berry stated that the company will disappear soon as well as they are sold out their company and so on, but still black berry mobiles are available and people are interested in buying it, so don't give importance to this kind of rumors and don't believe them. In this modern world we are interested in using smart phones and black berry helped us to get more advanced features like browsing internet, playing video games, sending sms and MMS, capturing photos and videos, PDA and so on. In short a black berry device is like a handy computer and we can do various things using it. It is having an attractive look and impress the visitors with its unique design and quality keypads. Since it is giving benefits to both the company as well as clients, so the company don't stop the protection of black berry as well as it is having a lot of lovers and clients, so this company don't face any down fall stage in this present situation. Lot of rumors are going on in various things, but still blackberry phone is having its own unique importance as well as people are interested in buying this kind of mobiles.
@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
15 Aug 12
I have not heard anything and I am a Blackberry user. I do not believe that Blackberry is going to stop making phones. There have been rumors going around in the past but I do not think any of them are true.
@Mark72125 (135)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Aug 12
Wow , I hope not I personally use a blackberry and I think it's pretty good.I think it still sells pretty good, I don't understand why they will just sell it.But, I guess whatever has to happen is gonna happen.Anyway I hope it stays!
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
11 Aug 12
Oh no!!! I hope they will not totally be out, I love my blackberry and I love how the BIS servesits purpose; at least for me and my family. If ever someone's "buying" them out, I hope they still keep the BIS going.
• Mexico
11 Aug 12
Hi cougar town: I think it's kind of bizarre. Why does Blackberry company are going to sell their company when their brand is so popular and they must be making trillions of dollars on their product. It doesn't make any sense to me unless they are going to release a completely new generation of their cell phones. ALVARO
@marguicha (100035)
• Chile
11 Aug 12
It is a pity, if it is true. It would be another example of technology becoming obsolete or disappearing after a short period of time. I wonder if there is a place, international, where we can file complaints when this happens.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
10 Aug 12
Blackberry have had some issues in recent times,with (among others) a server blackout,and their target customer base shifting away from their business model..Technologically,they're good phones,though requiring a Blackberry phone to use one of their branded "Playbook" tablets was a bit of an own goal..I wouldn't think it was near time to dump the 'berry and run screaming anytime soon,though..