Red Ribbon Authentication???

August 11, 2012 9:23am CST
It was the first time I heard about such process. My husband asked me to help his brother with the Red Ribbon authentication of their marriage certificate. He and his wife are already in Dubai working, and his wife's contract is about to expire. They want to come home together, so to postpone her flight home, they need to authenticate their marriage certificate thru DFA and UAE embassy so she can stay there the spouse of an OFW. I went online to research about the process, and found out about DHL's DFA and UAE authentication services. It's the fastest and most efficient process I found, and all I had to do is complete the requirements and go to a DHL branch, pay the fees and wait. Then, the authenticated document will be delivered to them in UAE. Has anyone tried this, before? Was there a better way than thru DHL?