Why do we dream of certin people?

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August 14, 2012 9:52am CST
I kinda have a general idea why we dream of certain people, but why is it when we dream of some one that we can't remember but the have such a vivid face and features, how can ate mind generate something so vivid but not be exhausted in the morning but feel refreshed? Do we have the answers or are we still on theories?
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20 Aug 12
Nope. There's so much about dreams that we just don't know for certain. Personally, I'm still surprised when I dream about people I haven't seen or had a fleeting thought about in years and yet I seem to hardly ever dream about the people that I see everyday. Then of course, there are the people it seems my mind has completely invented. I call those people, "Dream Characters" because they're not real and I don't actually know a version of them in reality. I don't believe that they exist in reality. Maybe the brain needs to work to feel refreshed. Sort of like stretching maybe. Our brains are actually more active when we sleep.
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14 Aug 12
I hate dreaming about people. Specially if its people from past and people I hate. It makes me think deep down I miss them, envy them, or something. But I know I don't because there is a reason I don't talk to them and dislike them. Maybe it is unsettle feelings deep down inside trying tell us something. Usually mine is unfinish thoughts and feelings I need to get out, but sometimes the best thing to do is keep silent.