no electricity in an evacuation center?

August 16, 2012 5:49am CST
i watched the television this morning and its so desperate that there are still evacuees suffered a lot in an evacuation center in bulacan. aside the fact, that there are victims of a recent calamity, they should be treated properly. the evacutation center has no electricity only a generator that runs only at 6 pm to 12 midnight after that, no electricity because of this, an incident happened wherein a mother feed her child a gas mistaken as a water for the milk! very unfortunate is it?
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@louievill (20711)
• Philippines
18 Aug 12
Since this has been happening in our country since time immemorial ( but getting worst now), they should have already prepared for this a long time ago, besides the stand by power generator, perhaps they should also tap on alternative energy like solar ( solar panels are getting cheap now) Wonder when we will learn to cope. Didn't the mother smell the kerosene before giving it to the poor child? On the other hand, It's just but natural for the power company to shut the power down in calamities such as flooding to prevent accidental electrocution.
@rog0322 (2833)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
18 Aug 12
Hi, Whenever I see the conditions in the flooded areas and the evacuation centers, I would harden my heart so as not to shed tears out of compassion for their predicament. It would not be appropriate to do so in front of my children and my wife, isn't it? However, deep inside, my heart do go out to them, especially the children who has to suffer more than their parents. If I could, I would gladly take them to my place to live in comfort, but then I'm so far away down south that I could not really do it given the circumstances.
@rsa101 (16912)
• Quezon City, Philippines
17 Aug 12
I know how difficult it is to live in a place that is still flooded no water and no electricity to depend on. I think it is hard to power these areas since we cannot determine the places there wires could be lying around and endager them when they turn it on. So I guess it is just right for these areas to have no electricity.
@Raine38 (9188)
• United States
16 Aug 12
I've seen that news this morning. I feel so bad for the children in that cramped evacuation center. I also heard that they take turns laying down as there is no more space for people to even sit down. I just hope their suffering ends soon, especially for the kids who start getting sick already.