Things instead of food

@swirlz (3137)
August 17, 2012 11:08am CST
My mother never likes it when I save up my money that was meant to be for food to buy something I want to have instead, like a book, or a new pair of shoes. I always justify that I don't starve myself, so it's alright, but she insists that food should always come first, and it must be healthy and plentiful. Do you do this, too, use the money allotted for food for other things instead?
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• United States
17 Aug 12
I could use more food in my house for sure. but,I pay my bills before I go to buy food and this will never change either.
@swirlz (3137)
• Philippines
17 Aug 12
Right. Bills have dues and have consequences when not paid, so that makes it more of a pressing matter.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
28 Oct 12
hi, for me i will choose to spend my money in to the food that i wanted to eat i usually put some budget to me favorite food rather than to the things like shoes,clothes and gadgets,it because i still have those thing and i don't need to buy it right now.
@Porcospino (19804)
• Denmark
22 Aug 12
At the moment food has a low priority in my daily life, because my husband and I want to save as much money as possible. We are going to spend the money on our trip. We are not starving, not at all, but we buy the cheapest brands of food and we often eat sandwiches instead of a hot meal. I think that it is fine to live that way for a while, but it is not healthy to do it on a permenant basis and we don't plan on doing that. Right now our trip is our first priority and we prefer to eat cheap food in order to save money. When we travel we will be able to eat plenty of hot dishes.
@marguicha (106333)
• Chile
19 Aug 12
I agree with your mother that everyone should try to eat as well as possible. But there are a lot of cheaper, yet healthy ways to eat, that let us save for other purposes. We donĀ“t need to eat "plentiful". We need to eat the food our body requires.