Family Reunion

United States
August 18, 2012 1:22pm CST
My dad's side of the family has had a family reunion every year forever! It started sometime before I was even born and I am 50 now! Anyway back in the day alot of my cousins,aunts and uncles would get together at one place every year. For years it was at a different place. Back in the 1970's the family decided on one place for the reunion,every year. It has gottan to the point hardly anyone shows up anymore! all my uncles and aunts are gone! Alot of my cousins are alot older then me! My dad is the oldest memeber still alive. My brothers attend every year and it gets more depressing every year! I have not been to one in quite awhile! The annual reunion is tomorrow and I plan to stay home. I am still feeling depressed and if I go I will be more! My brother Greg said is no big deal if I don't show up. I can gurentee when my dad passes,the reunion will stop. Sad to say it but it will happen!