How do I get earnings on here? Does anyone have any tips to get earnings?

United States
August 19, 2012 3:46am CST
I need some help getting started. What all things will help me earn on here? Also, can I get a signature for my forum posts?
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@owlwings (39217)
• Cambridge, England
19 Aug 12
There is no 'signature' facility here and people are discouraged from posting anything which is not related to the topic (a 'signature' usually is not). The very FIRST thing you should do is to read the Welcome email which you should have received on joining. That contains links to the Guidelines (which you MUST read and abide by) and to the FAQs (which you should read whenever you have any question about how things work or what things mean - MOST of the questions newcomers ask are answered there). MyLot pays according to the quality of your participation in discussions. There is NO set payment 'per post' and it makes no difference whether you start a discussion or respond and comment in someone else's discussion. Your earnings are based entirely on how well and usefully you participate. If you start a discussion and don't revisit it to comment on the responses you get, it is NOT yet a discussion and you will earn very little: if, on the other hand, you reply intelligently to the people who respond in your discussion, you will earn for everything YOU post (you don't earn anything for what other people post!). Besides taking part in discussions, you can also earn by doing any suitable tasks which are posted in the Tasks section and by using the MyLot Search facility, either to search for discussions which might interest you or to search the Web as you would use any search facility. Details about how you can earn by searching can be found under Rewards in the FAQs. The answer to your specific question above can be found here:
• India
19 Aug 12
Owlwings, you're always so informative about these things. Very well said. I was planning to show the FAQs as well. But now that you've done it, its no longer needed. Good day!
• Indonesia
25 Aug 12
hello, here, welcome to mylot. you don't have to worry about how to earn here. first, make sure that you had read the guidelines and check mylot FAQ. if you had read the guidelines, then everything will be easier here. I think owlwings have given you complete explanation about what you ask for, so I just want to give you addition, that you should check mylot feature too. for example put an interest for your discussion you made. it's very important for mylotter to find your discussion and give response on yours. happy mylotting
@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
20 Aug 12
So where are you? Why are you not making use of the advice in the responses here?
@narsha (466)
19 Aug 12
in simple words,the more post you have put up,the more money you can get.hoping your a lucky guy.
@uolyram (266)
• Philippines
19 Aug 12
Join discussions and share your responses to discussions started so that you can earn something. When you also start for a discussion try to react on people who gives responses to your discussion. You can also earn from your reactions.