How can I get access to old discussions in mylot?

August 21, 2012 9:40am CST
You might know that I have started responding to old discussions in mylot some of which are even 6 years old. I enjoy it very much. But while doing so, I face some difficulties which can only be overcome by your active help and support. A few of my interests which were created by some one but could be made popular due to lack of active participation by other mylotters contain only a few discussions. So I find no problem in getting access to all those discussions and can easily respond to them. But in case of a highly popular category like ‘earning money’, ‘male extra money, ‘mylot’, ‘questions and answers’ etc, I cannot go far back by clicking on the previous boxes at bottom, I can go back to page 10 by clicking on the box containing the mark of 10 but then subsequently I can go back by 4 page on each click and in this order. Thus it is impossible get access to discussions started long ago in these highly popular categories. Moreover, after reaching an old discussion such hard toil, when I post my response to it, I again come back to the first page of that particular category. So if I try respond to another one, I have to start again from the starting point of that particular category and have to proceed backwards in the same way as I have already mentioned. Can you suggest any thing which would give me access to any previous topic of discussion which I want to respond irrespective of its age?
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@luxlyangels (1286)
21 Aug 12
Maybe I don't understand the question but this is what I have got. You could go to unresolved discussions and you would see all your unreolved topis there, You could go to your homepage and on the right you would see discussions I have started, Even on the left of your profile page where you view your profile you can see all discussions you have ever started there. And for 20tabs opening as a response here said,well its possible as on my blackeberry I sometimes open 15tabs at ones.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
23 Aug 12
Well, I have to admit that I've never been one that has actively tried to seek out the discussions that are very old. However, there are some times that I will respond to discussions that have been around almost as long as mylot has been around. The way that I've stumbled upon these discussions was by using the search of discussions on the mylot search feature. I really don't know that there is a way that you can seek out just old discussions this way, but it is a great way to be able to seek out discussions with certain keywords.
@KrauseHome (35690)
• United States
22 Aug 12
There are many ways you can access older discussions. Like others have said there is usually more than 10 pages when it comes to most interests. Personally it really depends on how far you go back but if you add people as your friends a lot of times you can find older discussions this way as well. But with all the many discussions being started here, there is always something to respond back too depending on what you're looking for.
@Porcospino (20969)
• Denmark
22 Aug 12
I understand what you mean. It is true it is hard to find the oldest discussions in the popular categories, because you can't jump from the new discussions all the way back to the oldest discussions. Some sites have a box called "first" and another box box called "last" and that makes it easier to jump all the way back immediately. That option doesn't exist on Mylot, and you always find the lastest discussions first. When I look for old discussions in a popular category I find it easier to bookmark the interesting discussions first and respond to them later, that way you don't have to return to the first page all the time. If you have been through the first 20 pages of a category you can bookmark the site number 20 and next time you open your computer you will be able to continue from the place where you ended last time.