August 21, 2012 10:14am CST
Paypal has posed restriction to many countries including mine. It causes to lose money even though i work harder, can't get paid because of payment system. Does anyone know how to make Paypal account in restricted countries and please mention its consequences as well.
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• Philippines
23 Aug 12
If paypal has restricted your country then there is no way for you to get the earnings. Maybe you can check if payza supports your country or moneybookers. You can go to other sites that pay using these other payment methods. Happy mylotting and good luck to your online income. Hope to see more of you in mylot.
@owlwings (39369)
• Cambridge, England
21 Aug 12
There is no way that you can legally have a PayPal account if you are from Pakistan. Any attempt to give a false address is against PayPal's Terms and you will only eventually end up losing anything you might have earned.
@pgiblett (6589)
• Canada
21 Aug 12
I would suggest that your dialogue needs to be with PayPal about this (despite how hard they are to communicate with).
@sbrn11 (415)
• India
21 Aug 12
If PayPal have restricted your country, they may have their own reasons, you cannot for what-so reasons create a account from such country. its better you find out a alternative way to receive payment. so that your work doesn't go to waste. Good Luck.. :)