Anniversary Etiquette

United States
August 23, 2012 11:20am CST
My best friend of 50 years called yesterday and told me to save a date for her 40th wedding anniversary party in November. I was surprised because she had a lavish party last year for her 39th anniversary. I told her last year that she should wait for the 40th but she was down in the dumps and wanted to do it then. I think it is in poor taste to do it again this year, but she thinks not since she is paying for everything and will again write "No Gifts Please" on the invitations. What do you think?
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@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
It is a milestone in their marriage and staying away from a lavish party may not be where her mind is set to. It's a real special day for her and her husband. I don't think anyone can talk her out of it. Just be happy for your friend and celebrate this momentous occasion with her. Smile!
• United States
25 Aug 12
Well, I guess I agree with you to some extent. Throwing these parties must make her feel better and maybe she's down in the dumps again this year. I would have waited if it was myself, at least maybe until the 45th so it's not so soon after the first one a year ago. And, even though the invitation says "No Gifts" people feel obliged to bring a gift anyways. I know I do. This is kind of a tough one to decide on.
@violann (437)
• United States
25 Aug 12
I think it's a great idea to throw a party even if she did throw one last year. It's a celebration. Some throw an anniversary party every year. We celebrate our birthdays every year, why not our anniversary's.
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
24 Aug 12
Since she says, it is her who is paying the party and no gifts- then, let her. All she want is to enjoy the celebration and be thankful for friends who join/attend the celebration. Some people are like that- they want to feel the importance of every event/s in their life.
@Canellita (12058)
• United States
23 Aug 12
I think that it is a huge accomplishment for her and her husband and if they want to throw a party every year that is for them to decide since it is their money. You should be happy for her and supportive as a friend.