he is into earrings

@jazel_juan (15601)
August 28, 2012 12:40am CST
so much for being a guy but my husband loves to wear those rock and roll looking earrings lol.. yes yesterday when we went to the mall, he said he wants to buy something and i said what is it, he said earrings. i was like..again? yes he had several of it at home and is into it... lol i am a lady but he is into earrings more than i do. should i check his background again? lol but honestly i only have several pairs too and i do not buy it often and boy it do take him long to be able to buy one hahahahaha he was really picking one and he was able to buy one from unisilver..and wore it this morning. i just laughed about it, he is really that way. oh well.