The dreaded disease I'm most afraid of

@whengcat (1458)
August 29, 2012 7:01am CST
Dengue Hemorrhagic fever....I had a traumatic experience with this disease when my niece died because of it almost 6 years ago. Then come the test, last August 17, 2012, my daughter was hospitalized and was diagnosed with the dreaded disease. I was so scared, it was like heaven and earth is tumbling down on me. I saw how my child deal with the pain it brought, she'll shout "mommy!!!!" whenever she's in pain but I can't do anything to ease her. I prayed so hard and ask God to spare my child and let it be me not her....Me and my husband sought for any help we could get, we didn't mind the hospital bill and did what our doctors' would say. She had 3 doctors, a pediatrician, an infectious disease expert and a surgeon. Luckily enough, after 1 week in the hospital, she recovered. I know all those prayers that were dedicated to her helped a lot in saving her life. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever stage 3 is a critical condition and many lives have been taken away by it but my daughter survived.... I'm forever grateful....Thank you so much Lord, for answering our plea....
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@nanayangel (7815)
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
Hi there Whengcat! I am sorry to hear` about what happened with your niece but I am glad to hear that your daughter survived. It is a serious disease and it has taken a lot of lives. One of my cousins had this before and she also survived but she had to go through a lot of pain like blood transfusions and injections every specific time interval and it hurts for a parent knowing that all you can do is hold your child's hand and pray that everything will be okay. I believe in the power of prayers, though, and I know that it is the best thing that one can give to other people especially for our loved ones.
@jenny1015 (13391)
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
I'm so glad your daughter is now out of danger. Dengue surely is one dreaded disease! Take more precautionary to prevent your daughter from having it again. Everybody can have that again even if you have had it before. Keep safe!
@laydee (12815)
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
Thanks be to God! I would have guessed it would have been really traumatic for you when you lost your niece from it. I would have felt the same if I found out my daughter has that too! Whew! It's really sad that children fall from this disease, I guess usually those who die from this is the ones where the parents or nobody noticed the very un-obvious symptoms. I'm glad your daughter and your family finally emerged victorious from it! I guess there's no great joy that to see a loved one survive from a life-threatening disease! Again, I would surely Thank the Lord for without Him things would have been sad. Have a great mylot experience ahead!
@averygirl72 (16677)
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
Same story as you, I am also frightened by this Dengue outbreak and every time a mosquito bites in the morning, I am worried of getting the disease. However, since Dengue fever has been out in the news or become phenomenal, no one in my house did ever have dengue fever. I heard it is really deadly but many people now do manage to survive with the right amount of care. Yeah, we need to pray when we have sickness.
@Raine38 (9032)
• United States
29 Aug 12
I'm so happy for you and your daughter. Dengue indeed has claimed lots of lives and God has blessed you a thousand times over because not only He let you have access to the best healthcare but He also answered your prayers. Truly, prayers can move mountains and I'm sure his even has renewed your faith with our Lord even more.
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
Prayers are really powerful. I do believe that they do make their own miracles even at times like these. Having dealt with such trauma twice is no joke. I'm glad that your kid is well and okay and she's lucky that you caught the disease on time. I have never known anyone close to me with dengue fever before but with all the things I've heard and learned about it, especially the symptoms and how it really weakens someone's body, I know it must have been such a drastic blow on you and your family. Thank goodness that you were able to overcome this trial in your family together.