Do you know someone who is illiterate?

@SusanLee (1920)
United States
September 1, 2012 7:18am CST
I feel bad for people that can't read. It especially bothers me when I've just finished a good, satisfying book. I understand the importance of reading for safeties sake. Taking medication, road safety and those kind of things. But to read for the pure pleasure of it is one of my greatest joys. I get to go places and experience things that I wouldn't be able to do other wise. I remember one time I was reading some books by Johanna Lindsey, she's a historical romance author; some modern these days. Anyway, I had read a couple of her books back to back and was getting ready to start on my third and I remember rubbing my hands together in anticipation of going to Hawaii and knowing I was never going to leave the safety of my own home. Just to get lost in the story, meet new people and feel like those people are your friends. I prefer historical fiction. Simpler times. Sometimes at work when I'm tired and stressed I'll feel the anticipation of wanting to go be with the people I'm reading about. Their characters become real people to me. And like so many others out there I become invested in the characters and I hate to see their story end. When I finish a good book and reflect on how it makes me feel; I think about those out there that have never, ever experienced that. I don't care why they can't read. Whether it's because it was hard for them and they had trouble comprehending and got discouraged, or they just didn't give a flip. I still feel bad for them. You miss out on so much when you can't read.
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@freedang (320)
• China
2 Sep 12
hi my friends yes,i do know a lot people who are illterate.and i know them very well and our relations are very good. to be honest,i feel so luck that i have a chance to go to college.every time i think about them i can feel the responsibility that i should study more hard. but those people are not unwilling to go to school,almost all are so poor that they cannt afford it when they are a child.they just have no chance.
@else22 (4319)
• India
2 Sep 12
I come across illiterate people daily in my life.Everyday I go on an evening walk towards country side at the outskirts of my hometown.I meet people working in their gardens,with their cattle and looking after their paddy fields.Almost all of them are illiterate.Leave alone reading,they can't write even their own names even with wrong spelling.They are not unaware of alphabets.I offered to teach them how to read and write,but they were unwilling.They told me they were too busy with their own works and don't have time to read at this age.I know they were speaking the truth. Like you I also feel they are deprived of the great pleasure of reading and writing.
• United States
2 Sep 12
I have known people in the past who were illiterate. I was at a summer camp and there was this boy that was 15 and couldn't read. It was a Christian camp and he wanted to learn more about the Bible and what stuff in it means. I did the only thing I could do, which was to read to him since he couldn't read himself.
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
2 Sep 12
i can see so many people near my area being illiterate and trying hard to learn each and every day.i also guide them for sure,its late but they are very patient to learn always during day and night
@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
2 Sep 12
I do meet a lot of these people everyday. I think h=these people are deprived of the most basic necessity of man, education. And many of them ended up in having the lowest form of jobs our society can offer. And sometimes, because of illiteracy, they are often the ones being fooled by others.
@Jshean20 (14367)
• Canada
2 Sep 12
Those who are illiterate definately do miss out on a lot of the joys in life, ontop of that they are discriminated against and may have a hard time landing employment as well. I've never known anyone on a personal level who is illiterate but I have heard some sad stories of friends having family members living on the streets, being illiterate may contribute to this.