Kids peeing outside in public

United States
September 2, 2012 6:00pm CST
Where I grew up there was a nice sized park for kids to go play at. It had pretty much everything you could imagine for kids. The problem was there was no bathroom. I can recall several times as a child seeing another child peeing at the park and not caring, nor the parent caring, that he was doing so. That park was the first time I saw another boy's private parts and was also the first time I ever saw another kid's bare bottom. The parents didn't seem to care and there were even females around. That park still, 13 years later, doesn't have a bathroom and parents still don't care that their kids expose themselves and use the bathroom right out in the open. As a parent, if you were put in this situation and your child had to use the bathroom would you care that they just went out in the open? As a parent of a daughter would you allow her to go to a park or place like that?