Im reading to scream at them

@911Ricki (13602)
September 4, 2012 8:34am CST
I dont have a phone until further notice, I emailed virgin mobile from using mcdonalds wifi the other day. The stick is still not working, so I have $50.00 on my account wasting away. Not once have they suggested anything. Its been about 3 weeks now, and me calling back and forth. They took about a week or more to email me back and all they said was call them. Did you not read, since I know majority of them cant speak proper english probably cant read either.
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@goldtc (40)
• United States
8 Sep 12
Hi, I'm not sure which phone number you have been calling, but you might want to try calling 1-888-322-1122. About 6 months ago I had some issues where I was unable to make a promo code from Virginmobile work. I called them and the tech not only fixed the problem with the code, but I ended up getting about 4 months of service for FREE (I am sure that part was a mistake, but it was a nice "gift," anyway). Good luck
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
6 Sep 12
I certainly hope that there is no one that reads my response that takes offense in this, but I do find that a lot of customer service has really gone down hill since there has been so much of that work that has been outsourced. With that said, I think that because of the fact that Virgin mobile has been giving you the run around and taking their sweet time with getting your issues straightened out that they need to give you a free refill card for your internet stick and they should further compensate you as well.
• United States
6 Sep 12
I went through this recently with customer service over my account as well. I ended up canceling and buying cable internet coverage. that stick is in my house it will be off this month..
@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
4 Sep 12
I understand what you're going through right now. I had problems with the customer service hotline of my network provider before. That's why I made the big change. I argued how they could bill me per gprs rate for my blackberry usage when I have subscribed to the blackberry unlimited plan. It was so awful when the customer service representative didn't know what the plan was. He was so stupid, I had to explain to him how it works. That's what I got for calling and waiting an hour before somebody finally answered.