how to lose weight -- rice with material

September 6, 2012 9:48am CST
My friend have told me a method to lose weight.I write it at here .I think it can help someone who want to lose weight. 1 select rice and purple rice as staple food 2 eat rice with mushroom and kelp Do you want to try?
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• Italy
6 Sep 12
Rice make you gain weight. I have lost 10kgs in 10 months but cutting my rice and wheat intake to half and drinking lots of water
• China
6 Sep 12
Water can not bring me enough nutrition.
• Indonesia
7 Sep 12
I agree with night01watcher - rice really gains weight. My aunt has been cutting eating rice for more about 10 years and she is never be fat. And btw, water isn't for your nutrition. Water is for your metabolism and cleansing the body . If you want the real nutrititon , go ahead with vegetables and fruit
@wongchoiyee (7401)
• Malaysia
6 Sep 12
You may want to try this, cut down sugar intake daily continuosly for 2 weeks and you will lose 10-15 pounds. This is what I tried since I gain 20 pounds after I graduate from high school and now I keep it this way. By the way you also need to exercise, and change your lifestyle from being sedentary to active. You can do house chores and still losing pounds.
• China
6 Sep 12
I think you give me a good method!
@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
6 Sep 12
good day moshishibie, i am also in the midst of loosing weight, as i don't want to loose my favorite clothes that is why i am that eager to maintain a body figure. and i am taking this method constantly in every meal that i eat : you may copy and paste that link so you can thoroughly viewed what is inside. hence, that is one of the secrets to burn fats.
• China
6 Sep 12
thank you for your method
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
18 Sep 12
Heillooo moshi you heard wrong rice is not good for decreasing weight but danger for increasing weight. Dr. give the advise dont eat rice if your weight is increasing. Leave it to eating from today. Only once in a week is good but daily is not good.
10 Sep 12
I think it just a matter of managing your diet. Take balanced diet,take in less calories then you burn in a day.tread mill skipping,boxing any thing cardie will shred your fat in all areas.