Ever met a lady in midnight on silent road?

September 7, 2012 3:15pm CST
Hey friends!have you ever encountered a lady on silent road and that too in midnight?o my god what kind of people may be?i just want to share an incident that happened to me last night i was driving my car and was 2 kms away from my home on a highway,it was around 1 a.m.i saw a beautiful lady wagging her hand on road.at first i thought to pass by without taking any notice but as she was a lady and due to sense of humanity and stopped my car and asked her what she was doing there.she was crying and told as she had an arguement with her boyfriend so she left his car and now she is afraid.although i was screwed upon the reason but with formal patience i asked her address and dropped her to her destination.how can people be so out of mind?a lady in midnight on road and from a reputed family anything could have been gone wrong if i hadnot met her.o god how can people be so much careless?what kind of friend youngsters make nowadays?
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@trisha27 (3505)
• United States
17 Feb 13
Good thing you came along and gave her a ride. Because someone else could have come along he wouldn't have been so helpful. I don't care what type of argument my husband I had gotten into if any, but I would not be out in the middle of the road flagging down strangers for help. I would look for friends or family to help me out. But yeah, sounds like she made a wrong choice in choosing a boyfriend, because if he was a good boyfriend he wouldn't let his girlfriend out in the middle of the night flagging down strangers to take her home. He would have either called someone to come pick her up or he would have dropped her off somewhere.
@Cutie18f (9564)
• Philippines
31 Dec 12
Girls should be careful who they go out with. It's a good thing you were there to help her. It could have led to something horrible. Thank you for being such a kind person. You saved that lady from possible harm.
@subhojit10 (7384)
• India
9 Sep 12
Hey that must be a scary experience of you after all there was no one on the streets that night. Well i suppose u did a great job by dropping that lady to her destination but that does not mean at all that we will help every other person coming our way at night. It is very much unsafe these days to help people especially the strangers at night. people should be sensible enough about this and they should not loiter in the streets at such a late time when no one is around. What say?
@flower21 (766)
• Philippines
8 Sep 12
in my place most motorist would not let anyone hitch or help them for a ride. most of the story s about a ghost or a white lady. i think that n your case it is a real person but at those times it even dangerous to stop over when there are cases the motorist would become a victim of criminals with connivance of a beautiful lady and there intention would be to Carnap your car or rob you and the worst cases they may even killed you. so your just so lack your being a Samaritan and help a real person who need help. youngsters nowadays have a wild side and very rebellious if there parents reprimand them they get mad and disobey. with wait happen to that girl i do wish she already learn her lesson and t s very dangerous for any woman or girl to be on the street at late hours.
@Raine38 (9033)
• United States
8 Sep 12
I'm such a scaredy cat so my first thoughts would have been that the lady flagging me down is a white lady lol! I don't know what my reaction would be or what I would do because I know that I need to protect myself. it's a very unholy hour of the night and no person in her right mind will do that if not courting for trouble; or there really is a genuine emergency. If I am driving with someone I think I would have stopped. But if I'm alone, I will not stop but I will call the authorities and give her location.
@Hatley (164839)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Sep 12
hi Rohitt03011979 good question. Guess the lady chose an not so good boyfriend and I bet he propositioned her and she refused so he blew his top and let out in the middle of nowhere what a jerk.Seems like more and more modern men expect a respectable girl to just put out because they dated her. come on guys have a little respect for women.i am so glad you took her to her destination so that nothing bad could have happened to her.too bad she did not take some emergency money with her in case. I was taught to always have a twenty dollar bill stuck in a secret place in my pursein case of any emergency.