The secret race?

@toutze (42)
September 7, 2012 4:21pm CST
I would like to hear peoples opinion on the stories Tylor Hamliton is talking about in his new book "The secret race". Here in denmark where I live it is one of the biggest subjects in the media today and has been the last week. Is Tylor Hamilton telling the truth about cycling sport or are organiest doping something that belongs to the past in the world of cycling?
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@koopharper (6663)
• Canada
12 Sep 12
What he is writing may well be the truth. I don't think the problem is solved within professional cycling. On the other hand the man was caught cheating and now he is making a ton of money telling on everyone else. Hmm. I'm not really enamored with his opinions and/or information for that reason. I'm also pretty broke right now and I'm unlikely to shell out the sixteen dollars and eighty cents plus shipping for his book. I'm kind of sick of hearing about the subject.