I heal my stomatitis aphtousa by green chilli.

September 9, 2012 5:36am CST
Yes , it sounds so terribly painful. But it works on me - always. I have been using green small chilli to heal my stomatitis aphtousa since 2-3 years ago. My oral mucous membran is easily injured by trauma or when I'm in my period. I have stomatitis at least once a month. I discoverd the function green chilli accidentally when I was eating food, it was soooo painful - at first I tot I have done something wrong and make my ulcer became worse. But then I realized I could barely feel the pain of the stomatitis within an hour - and after a day I felt the ulcer became smaller , and it's gone. I know that chilli has a lot of vit C in it, maybe it is the reason why it heals my ulcer so fast?