Getting back to myLot after five long years

September 10, 2012 4:18am CST
I know it would be hard to believe for most of you.But yes, you heard it right, i am back in myLot after 5 long years. So many priorities in life had taken my time and i even forgot that I had an account in myLot. All of a sudden, today, I checked my emails and I found a mail from myLot. So I just thought I would log in and relive my time here. Did any one of you stay from myLot for so long, I hope you dont mind sharing your experience.
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
17 Sep 12
Ohhh God still your account is active mean you are lucky. I heard according to rule only 3 months account will active and at least once in month you should logged in. But really I shocked after reading your discussion and congrats for it.
@mysdianait (65109)
• Italy
17 Sep 12
MyLot remove our earnings but not our account, if we don't login once every three months.
@buenavida (8487)
• Sweden
10 Sep 12
Hi, welcome back! I have been inactive for shorter periods in the past, but there are some nice people here that I want to keep contact with so I am here every day, at least for a while.. Have a nice day..
• India
11 Sep 12
Ya it feels nice to be back here. This is indeed a good forum for interactions and discussions. i havent yet found any other site as social as this.
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
10 Sep 12
welcome back here.. you must miss your old friend here.. where do you come from?? i joined this site since 2009...
• India
10 Sep 12
hello, I am from India, I did miss the discussions over here. Its nice to be back anyways. i have been a member in myLot since 2005
@sishy7 (27555)
• Australia
17 Sep 12
It seems you joined myLot in its beginning. How is it different being active back then in myLot early years and now in its seventh year? I'd think there are probably a lot more active members now, isn't that so?
@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
17 Sep 12
wow that's a very long time! I was not using mylot much for about a year. lately I have started using it every day though and I enjoy it here. I use it to rest and forget a bit about work commitments. I like to read what others have to say and share my thoughts and feelings. welcome back and hope you'll stay here regularly.
@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
I have joined myLot about 3 years ago and have become inactive. I also have been busy the past years and didn't have the time to be at myLot. But now that I am no longer busy with my online homebased job, I spend most of my time here. I am enjoying every single minute!