doing the right thing, but getting in trouble for it

@asyria51 (2870)
United States
September 10, 2012 6:44pm CST
I work two jobs. The second one is not necessary to my finanical well being, but I enjoy it and it keeps me busy in the summers when school is not in session. I agreed during the school year that I would teach 3 50 minute classes a week. I caved and added a Monday night class because the other teacher could not teach it. Now she wants me to teach the water aerobics class at 6:30 every other week. That would be fine, if she did not ream me out for something that she has in writing and agreed to. I got to work early to swim my required laps today...she told me that it was not a lap swim time and that i could not do them...okay I will fit them in later. Then she asks me to come into her office and yells at me for leaving my class early. On saturdays, there is child care at the facility only until 12:30, my last class ends at 1, so we remedied it by putting my daughter in the other class at one oclock. I have to leave a few minutes early to pick up my daughter from the child care room. I let the 2 other instructors know that I was leaving and would be right back. Apparently, the one other instructor did not hear and decided to tattle to the boss. The boss apparently forgot that I only took on the extra classes with the knowledge I would have to leave for 2 minutes to get my child. I told my boss if it was going to be an issue for me to leave to get my child, then I could not teach the last set of lessons, because my husband is taking a saturday class and is not around to watch our kiddo. So I really hate when I do everything right, and bend over backwards to accomdate and them, for the director to yell at me.
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
11 Sep 12
It indeed is unfair to be treated that way when you don't have the intention to step on anyone's shoes. But then again, perhaps you could try again but this time have it on paper so that you have proof that you've talked about it and the other party allowed you to do such "adjustments". I think it would be fair if it's in paper. As for your director, what did she/he say when you said your part? I really hate politics in the work area and I think that these sorts of tattle tale is really not healthy nor would it do anyone some good. You take care and remain positive. Things may not go your way but as long as you're doing the right things, you're sure to be blessed for it - perhaps in other ways. Have a great mylot experience ahead!