my son :)

United States
September 10, 2012 10:10pm CST
after filling out multiple job applications (quite a few at the local grocer store) he finally got a cal for an interview. so now, hopefully by the end of next week, he'll be a working boy!! just to add even more, the recruiter from the marine corp called and spoke to my son about coming in and taking the entrance level exam for the military. so my son agreed to take it. :) he did tell the sgt that he was interested in law enforcement after high school. it'll be so cool to show hubby how much my son changed while he was gone. i'm so proud and excited for my son. :D
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• United States
12 Sep 12
How exciting! Congrats to you and your son! Hopefully he maintains that level of enthusiasm even after he joins the workforce and joining the military is certainly something for all of you to be proud of. Thankfully my son is only seven years old so I don't quite have to worry about him running off to make a living or going to college or joining the military just yet but I can only hope that when that time comes mine is just as ambitious as yours seems to be.
• United States
12 Sep 12
we had a rough road, but it's starting to pay off now. i'm very grateful to God that He blessed me with a very good boy that's turning into a good man.
@grkelly (1218)
• Malta
13 Sep 12
Yes I guess it is a sensitive time for all parents to see their kids grow up into men and women. Young adults have so many challenges ahead of them, and I think as parents we would still like to protect them in some way or another. But we will have to let them go little by little so that they can start their life - find a job, maybe get married, buy their own home...
@ARIES1973 (9530)
• Legaspi, Philippines
11 Sep 12
Goodluck to your son, angel. I hope that he started working soon. It's really a great happiness for us parents if we can see that our children are striving for their own future. I know how excited you are! Have a nice day!
@cutepenguin (6458)
• Canada
11 Sep 12
How exciting for you and for your son. It's a big step, getting a job and thinking about joining the military.