We are getting a new pet...

@trisha27 (3505)
United States
September 12, 2012 12:49am CST
I am so happy, my dog Paco is going to get a new friend and possibly a girlfriend I don't know we will see how they are together. Anyway, my husband's co-worker is selling some full breed chihuahuas and they are so cute. We wanted to get a puppy, but they suggested we not, because they keep dying don't know why but so sad. And I was like I don't want to buy a puppy then later they die. And plus Paco is a bit big, he's part chihuahua and another breed of dog. And I wouldn't want him to hurt them. They have a few older dogs they want to sell to us as well, they are full chihuahua and they are already older she is 1 years old. So we decided on one and will let my husband's co-worker know tomorrow. I'm so excited to be bringing her home and adding her to our family. They named her Becca but we want to change it up a bit either her name will be Fresca on Puertarica. I'm not sure, what name do yall like. I think I'm leaning more to Fresca. Well, tomorrow we will be going to the store to buy her a bed and a flea collar with some toys and a collar with her name on it. I will put a picture of when we bring her home.
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@riyauro (6430)
• India
12 Sep 12
wow so nice. I love chihuahua, They so cute and small and easy to handle I guess. I adore them. You are so lucky to have them. Enjoy petting. yeah would love to see the picture of it and yeah fresca sounds much better. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.
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@trisha27 (3505)
• United States
18 Sep 12
I love chihuahuas too. They are so adorable and fun. I started up a new discussion with a picture of her in it so you can see.
@Hatley (164670)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Sep 12
hi trisha oh thats wonderful nothing like getting a new furball' friend for the family .they sound cute too. I like the name fresca too as Puertarica is a bit of a big mouthful for a little dog.Have fun with Fresca and do post a picture or two please. lol
@trisha27 (3505)
• United States
18 Sep 12
It is a lot of fun to add new furry friends to the family. I did begin to think that the name Puertarica was a mouthful, although my husband and I both liked it. But we decided we were not going to name her that, so after seeing her personality we decided to call her Princess, she definitely acts like one . I started a new discussion with a picture of her in it.