Why a man is more attracted toward a woman?

September 12, 2012 4:49am CST
It is a natural phenomena that opposite s-e-x are attracted towards each other. But what could have been the reason behind this. Is it simply natural or there is some hidden reason for which this looks natural.
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12 Sep 12
It's just natural selection, which drives evolution. If boys and girls fancy each other, they'll breed. Whereas boys and boys, or girls and girls fancying each other won't. So genes favouring heterosexuality are much more likely to be passed on to the next generation.
16 Sep 12
Ohh nice point. Thanks, does age play any roll in it?
@sriroshan (2586)
• India
13 Sep 12
Hey this is Natural Instinct God Has created so that human being life continue on this earth. There is nothing special or hidden reason.
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
I think that it just how each species are made or instinct in short, in the animal kingdom most male animals have multiple partners because their mission in life is to breed and spread their genes. That is why human males who are in a monogamous relationship are found to be intelligent people because they are able to overcome their instinct and this is proof of their evolved minds.
@Angelpink (4023)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
Because we are designed for that. God designed us for that. In bible He created man and woman , not man and man when in fact he can have created man and man but no He did not , he created man and woman. He created man and woman to be the steward of His creations.