Shaving or Plucking Underarm Hair

@bingskee (5243)
September 12, 2012 7:58am CST
I read from a Candy magazine years ago that shaving or plucking underarm hair has bad results to the underarm. Shaving or plucking the hair darkens the skin in one's underarm, the writer said. I do not grow lots of hair on my armpit. Others grow lots of them. That's where the problem arise because it doesn't look good on women. When one shaves the hair on his or her armpit, a part of the skin is shaved and thus cause the darkening that heals in 21 days. When one plucks the hair, there is also an adverse effect because a tissue goes with the process and also cause darkening of the skin in the armpit. Do you shave or pluck your hair? I do not shave or pluck often as there are only a few. In the article, it is also suggested to choose a deodorant that has moisturizer to avoid drying and flaking of the skin during the process of shaving or plucking.